Worldwide quality certifications

IEC, CE, TUV, ISO 9001, J-PEC and much more 

Our customers and partners span the globe and include distributors, system integrators, construction companies, developers and utilities that deliver clean solar energy to local businesses and communities. Read more about some of the many global projects with  Solar panels, and don't hesitate to contact us with questions about a potential solar project in your part of the world! 

Solar panels: Good yield good gain

We use panels Made with Monocrystalline technology of efficiency 18.5% to 19% can perform even at low solar radiation conditions and high temperatures, of course, we have relations with manufacturing units all over the world.

It’s anti-reflective and self-cleaning surface reduces power loss due to dirt and dust.Certified to withstand increased snow loads of up to 5400pa wind loads of up to 2400pa. 25years irrevocable warranty with insurance provided by AON COFCO

Our Team

We have a highly competent and committed team, which has the talent, skills, competency, and determination to contribute significantly to the company’s growth and progress. The high-performance outcome can be attributed to the team, which rises to the expected standards of the clients. The team members strive relentlessly to ensure that the company’s activities and business transactions run smoothly and efficiently. The qualification and experience have strengthened their ability in performing tasks with ease and confidence. We offer them adequate in-house training to orient them to company’s culture, values, vision, goals, and objectives. Our inspiring and motivating team comprises the following personnel: ·Engineers, Technicians, Quality inspectors, R&D personnel, Warehouse and packaging experts, Skilled and semi-skilled workers


Sunnprapd proposes to spend abundant time and technology in understanding the needs of the customer and give the appropriate solution.

Sunnprapd eyes to render most cost effective and value added solutions unwrapping potential Human, Infrastructure and Technology resources in the Industrial automation fields.

Continuous learning

Work Philosophy 
* Perpetuate absolute integrity Be very transparent and demonstrate absolute integrity in all dealings and commitments. 
* Pursue quality as a way of life Demonstrate that quality is the foundation for success not only in the business world but also in the world of human dynamics starting from the way we shake hands.
* Passion for innovating and designing world-class solutions.

* Think creatively to manage technological challenges and help design flexible and reliable solutions to address business challenges and exploit market opportunities. 
* Perspective - local to global To look beyond the regional confines of the market by focusing on solutions that meet local and global market needs. 
* Promise of delivering Complete Customer Contentment (3C)Be highly committed to providing deliverables in time. 
* Pursue customer delight and retention

* Understand customers' current and future critical needs and provide best customer care to exceed their expectations.